What is a Push Zone?

A Push Zone is a zone where the user uploads files directly, like you would with a regular hosting account. The zone is then synced out to edge locations. Push Zones are used for distributing files larger than 10MB, or for files that rarely change (such as PDF’s, Word documents, image galleries, etc.)

When do I want to use a Push Zone?

If you are distributing large files – like software updates, file archives, large CAD files, etc.

Are Push Zones provisioned in real-time?

Yes, as you create a Push Zone, the control panel will contact the edge servers and provision your account on each edge.

How often do Push Zones get synced to edges?

Push Zones get synced to the edges every 1 to 2 hours, however the entire sync process may take 24 to 48 hours, depending on the number and the size of your files. The determining factor is the size of the files (larger files take longer to push out).

How do I add more storage?

Storage is added in an allotment package, and you can add additional storage under the “Manage Account” section of the Control Panel.

How do I access my Push Zone?

You upload to your Push Zone via a protocol called SFTP, which connects via secure shell. An SFTP client is needed to upload.

Why do you use use SFTP vs. FTP?

The integrity and security of your files is a huge priority when using a CDN. SFTP is a secure and encrypted protocol, which maximizes security and integrity over FTP.

What are some good SFTP Clients?

Windows -> WinSCP – http://winscp.net Mac -> Cyberduck – http://cyberduck.ch Unix -> scp

Is there a file size limit on Push Zones?

There are no hard limits on the file size for Push Zones.

How do I change the password on my Push Zone?

Log into the Control Panel. On the Dashboard choose the Push Zone you want to edit and click “manage”. Click on “edit” and change your password, then click “update”.

Do I use Push Zone for pseudo video streaming?

No, you use a VOD Zone for pseudo streaming.

How/when do I receive my SFTP login, and what is the SFTP hostname I use?

When you create a “VOD Zone” or a “Push Zone”, you will find a button saying “How to connect” in the Zone Manager section of your Control Panel. Click on that button for detailed connection information.

Can I host my HTML files on a Push Zone?

Yes, you can, but please note that we do not support any server-side scripting over our servers (PHP, MySQL etc…)

Can I use a custom robots.txt for a Push Zone?

Yes, you can. Create your robots.txt and upload it to the Push Zone. It will be effective immediately on each edge, as it is pushed with the regular synchronization process.

Where do I upload my files in a Push Zone?

You need to upload all your files to the “public_html” directory of your Push Zone.